Rio Grande Shootout Basketball Tournament 

​Keep your heads up Wolf Pack... We got a lot of games...keep strong..dont give up..we know you can do it...we know you are strong...we stand with you... Lets dig deep... Wolf Pack vs D1 Nation at 9pm. Wolf Pack vs Dream Wolf Pack vs Evolution Wolf Pack vs Rebels  ... Continue Reading →

Salsa Slam 2017 Wolf Pack 

Wolf Pack Info: Wolf Pack vs Fire. 7pm Friday May 5th. Sandia High School. Aux gym. Friday evening's game was a lost. Wolf Pack needs to play to their full potential.  Wolf Pack vs Colorado Lil Kings. 9am Saturday May 6th. Sandia High School. Main gym. Saturday morning's game was a lost. Keep your heads... Continue Reading →

MAYB Spartan Shootout 2017 Tourney

Team encouragement... I/we believe in your believing in yourself pulling yourself up for the team when we are down is the greatest victory...when you find it from within & give 100% holding your head high through a loss or win...make us that much a a person.. as a PACK...  Go Wolf Pack... Continue Reading →

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