The Wolf Pack would like to send a Shout out, Thank You, and Well wishes to all that have donated, participated, and just been in support of our team, win or lose.

We stand together, We fight together, We are together as a Pack.
⇒Mr. Ben Hernandez⇐ With a generous donation to purchase the teams Shooting Shirts
American Limousine and Transportation Inc.
303 Arvada NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 877-7576 (office) or
⇒Isaac Lujan⇐ Donation of time to help coaching the team and bringing great insight, value, skills, and confidence to the team and the purchase of the team water bottles.
⇒Brian Bennett⇐ Honoring the team with the production of the team’s website and design, time, and picture taking; that’s really nice to keep the people updated with The Wolf Pack.
⇒Scott and Rebecca Bulgrin⇐ With a generous donation to purchase the team bags.
⇒Mike – Roland’s dad⇐ for getting the team a great price on the uniforms and the time of production.
⇒Cyanne Lujan and Jade Lente⇐ for her time, for running the book/clock during tournament games and to Cyanne for getting the team t-shirts for the team (parents, supporters, etc.)
⇒Kristy Masawiestewa⇐ For time; for running the book/clock during tournament games.
To all of the parents/grandparents/family/all of the supporters for getting all of the guys to practice three times week and then to the games; without you this wouldn’t be possible and keeping the support through thick and thin keeps the boys striving to be better in the game and as young men.
Thank you ALL for all that you have done, are doing, and will continue to do moving forward. Thank You for all of the donations and team support. We look forward to continuing to have a good season.


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