Upcoming Southwest Salsa Slam 2017 sponsored by Adidas

The Southwest Salsa Slam hosted in Albuquerque, NM is one of largest competitive basketball tournaments in New Mexico. Teams from New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and South Dakota come to bring and showcase their team skills!

This is an invite only which means the best teams from around will be coming to take that Champion trophy home! Boys and girls from 4th grade up to 12th will be salsa-slamming!

Their are always shirts available for purchase. The gyms that host the games always have a concession for the delicious snacks. I personally like the nachos!

Wolf Pack team will be coming into tournament ready to go! Practices and scrimmages will help to improve and hone their skills. Wolf Pack team, keep practicing and keep improving so you can leave this tournament with a win! Your parents and fans are there to support you!

Every game that my family and I have attended, the gyms were always packed with screaming fans, angry parents, and loud whistles. Their have also been few photographers and videographers capturing moments from the game.

So players, coaches, and parents, get ready for busy and roller coaster emotional ride on May 5th – 7th 2017!!

-southwest salsa slam 2017 picture provided by http://www.quickscores.com/salsaslam


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