Win Some…Lose Some

Well people… What can we say, we win some we are going to lose some. Me & Isaac are proud of you all..this is our first tourney…but its not going to be our last.. Don’t give up on anything you do, your team.. yourselves…you guys need to hold your head up high…lets get some rest & get ready for practice next week… Together we are strong..together we are one..we fight together..we strive to better ourselves everyday…together as we strive for readiness..honor..respect.code & power to move forward makes us The Wolf Pack… I so proud of you guys for not stooping to their LOW…they have no respect for the game..themselves..& their coach was allowing it…we will never disrespect the game with trash or disrespect any of you… keep moving forward..tomorrows a brand new day..keep working…good job… way to go… Good Night Wolf Pack



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